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Any family travelling with children wishes to travel in a secure means of transport. Those crossing state lines with babies or visiting Geelong for the first time. When a client requests a cab, the need for a properly installed baby seat rises. We provide taxi with baby seat Geelong service at an affordable fare.

Is it correct that child seats keep kids safe in the case of an accident? Booster seats are designed to safeguard your child from falling out of the car in the case of an accident while also placing the most strain on the seat's structure. On the other hand, seat belts are too heavy for a baby to perform the same function.

The Top Baby Taxi Service in Melbourne

Drivers of Baby Taxi24 have undergone further training in how to install a car seat correctly. Our baby seat cabs Geelong are equipped with significant support anchoring points for securing a newborn. Our cab driver is responsible for ensuring that everyone in the vehicle, including the baby in the car seat, is buckled up.

Most taxi companies fail to follow a fundamental principle: there is no such thing as a one-seat solution for all newborns. When a booster seat request comes in, our taxi classifies babies based on their age, and we verify the age factor to ensure that the customer gets the finest car seat possible.

The legislation makes an exemption for children with special needs. You'll need a medical certificate from your doctor if your child has a mental or physical handicap, for example. This is something our Melbourne taxi driver should be aware of. What should age and size child be allowed to sit in the front seat? In Melbourne, children between the ages of 7 and 12 can ride in the front seat. The safety seat, on the other hand, will always be in the back seat.

Book a cab to Melbourne airport

We also provide taxis to Melbourne Airport with baby seats. However, we strongly advise that you make a booking in advance to ensure that your request is fulfilled. Because not all taxi cabs have child restraint seats, we recommend booking in advance to ensure a safe and comfortable journey to the airport in a cab with baby seats. As a result, you'll need to make a reservation in advance if you're looking for one.

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